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Evolve 2021 Session Recap: ‘Something in Common’​ Partnership with Benchmark Senior Living

Benchmark Senior Living and TSOLife have been working full force to improve the resident experience in the communities by implementing TSOLife’s resident insight and experience platform. This week at Evolve, we dove into the TSOLife rollout in the 63 Benchmark communities with Barbara Solomon, Vice President of Revenue Operations, and what her overall take has been on the program. Here are the top four takeaways:

1. Piloting a new technology is essential

As with implementing any new technology, it’s important to make sure that you will receive the ROI you are looking for before it is completely rolled out and ingrained into your workflows. Some of the key things to keep in mind:

  • Making sure that the technology is user-friendly and fits into the workflows of those who will be using it
  • Making sure that your infrastructure can withstand and handle the technology you’re putting into place
  • Both you and the technology company you are working with are on the same page about milestones and goals

Looking back to our pilot with Benchmark, a lot of the success is attributed to the way Benchmark rolled out the pilot. They were intentional about making sure all community types were represented in the pilot and seeing the challenges they each faced, so when our technology was rolled out to all 63 of their communities, there were no major surprises.

2. The technology needs to be a culture fit with your company

“Our values and culture are all about human connection. This program is where the rubber meets the road with our values.”

Barbara Solomon, VP of Revenue Operations at Benchmark Senior Living

Benchmark’s culture values human connection, making us the perfect partner for them.  “Our values and culture are all about human connection. This program is where the rubber meets the road with our values. We’re making human connection by sitting and listening, and using the data to make more human connections,” says Barbara. 

These human connections are what TSOLife’s technology is designed to facilitate. Our Artificial Intelligence (AI) and other technical capabilities enable personalized touch points, improving the resident experience overall, and allow for more information to be obtained to meet those specific care needs. TSOLife’s technology not only solves operational challenges, but in doing so, enables Benchmark associates to embody their culture in all that they do. 

The more ingrained that your new technology adoptions and initiatives are into your company culture, the easier it will be for your staff to champion and continuously use.

3. Rollouts are a symbiotic relationship and effort between vendor and corporate teams

Benchmark’s success did not stop at the pilot when it came to rolling out the program. Ongoing, constant support to the communities was a huge factor. Community teams involved with implementation ranged from Executive Directors, sales teams, department leads, and more, depending on the community size and what made sense for them. Gathering the home office team and support became a no brainer, as well. The program checked every box, from programming to sales. Once individual onboarding sessions were completed for each community, weekly check-in meetings were scheduled to help support the communities. Together, we developed success criteria that each community should reach before we would give them less face-to-face time.

These success points included:

  • Capturing the interviews and data
  • Using the captured data (it was one thing to have it, another thing to use it)
  • Seeing the associates recognize that while the process might be a little heavier on the front end, the process is so much smoother in the long run because of how much more they get to know the residents and fill in the missing pieces
  • Residents loving the story aspect, they love talking about their life stories (this was especially impactful with COVID-19 shutting down all forms of socialization)
  • Programming teams knowing for sure what they should be doing and not guessing with activities
  • Making life easier for the programming teams in general

In general, making sure the vendor and the corporate team are on the same page with timelines, expectations and commitment is crucial to a huge rollout like what we did with Benchmark.

4. Celebrate the wins and successes, no matter how big or small

With anything and any challenge you face, celebrating the wins keeps the momentum and morale going.  Challenges are expected when rolling out anything new, but overcoming the challenges and roadblocks throughout rollout is actually a great way to develop stakeholder buy-in.

Through the Something In Common and TSOLife partnership, Benchmark is celebrating:

  • Being able to measure success in ways they couldn’t before (ROX)
  • Being able to have those important conversations during the pandemic
  • Adopting a technology that associates wanted to use
  • Increasing their data intake by 230%
  • Being able to match residents based on interests, etc.

“This program has been wonderful because it has allowed us to find those golden nuggets that might help re-introduce residents. Those are the pieces that are such a gift that we didn’t have before…”

Barbara Solomon

Reminding your team of the progress and wins, whether small or big, is important. Overcoming challenges and being able to say together “Look how far we have come!” is key in building confidence that you are implementing the right partner and program for your team. 

“This program has been wonderful because it has allowed us to find those golden nuggets that might help re-introduce residents. Those are the pieces that are such a gift that we didn’t have before,” says Barbara. “We had one resident who wouldn’t come out of his room, and his family was getting concerned. TSOLife was able to show us one of those golden nuggets of information, which was the same specific thing another resident in the community was also interested in, and we were able to connect them and re-engage him in the community.”

A thank you to Senior Living Foresight for putting together the Evolve 2021 Virtual Summit and curating strategic and innovative sessions.

About TSOLife

TSOLife is a resident insight and experience platform that leverages AI and simplified data collection to help personalize the interactions and experiences with residents. We specialize in helping communities operationalize better data capture, and we have a lot of tools to help take that captured data and create actionable steps to personalize and enhance the residents’ lives.

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