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Revolutionizing Data Entry

Technology in senior living has been on an incline for the past decade. Almost weekly, it seems like a new tech solution is introduced to the industry. While new innovative ideas with hyped-up value seem exciting and very promising, operators need to take a hard look at their practicality and whether or not these systems will be operationally viable at the community-level.

There are many value-added solutions being introduced to senior living, so it’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of what is possible with technology. What’s important to note is that many of these technology solutions’ core values provide insights and analytics based on logged data. For example: Logging the residents who attend an activity into a system to provide a historic view of how active a specific resident is. Which would mean, a staff member would need to be present for each activity and manually log attendance for every event for the data to be of value. 

While these technology systems may add a lot of value to a community, special consideration needs to be placed on how operationally consistent the data-entry will be and how much staff labor will go into managing the system, so it can provide said value. Due to that, these are key points and questions to focus on when determining how a system will get the information it requires:

  • Will it be someone’s job responsibility to log this information?
  • Will one person be responsible or multiple people? If one person, then what happens when they are out for an extended period of time?
  • Does the technology fit into our community’s existing workflow or will we need to find time to accomplish this task?
  • How reliable will the information being uploaded be?
  • Is the data-entry quantitative or qualitative?
  • Is the data-entry intuitive? Or will I need to continuously train staff members on how to gather and enter information?

Technology providers need to recognize these business contracts and offer providers with unique solutions to help with the implementation and success of solutions. At TSOLife, we are doing our part by introducing automated data-entry via voice to text, and we are excited about how it saves our partners time and provides them with reliable data. To learn how our technology is implemented please visit here to learn more.

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