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Streamlining Your Sales Process with Minerva

We’ve seen how data can be used to connect residents in your communities, but with that same information, sales and marketing teams can secure more move-ins, and more importantly, secure more move-ins of residents who are likely to thrive in their new home. We’ll be taking a look at how resident data can influence sales tactics and strategies as well as helping to locate, entice, and secure more prospects for your sales team. 

Watch a short video to see how Minerva can improve your sales process:

With resident data captured by our mobile app, Minerva puts together community and corporate level dashboards so all team members can gain insight into community demographics at a glance. By understanding what the average resident in your communities look like, Minerva’s AI can recommend characteristics that your ideal prospects might share with your current residents. 

Using the same data, marketing staff can hone their efforts to reach prospects that are more likely to tour your community by appealing to their interests, experiences, and other commonalities with your current residents. Marketing dollars go farther when you know who you’re marketing to, rather than marketing to huge audiences in hopes that you’ll find good prospects. 

Knowing who your ideal consumer is can help sales reps prioritize prospects based on how well they’d fit into your community. Minerva’s AI can identify patterns in resident data to see what traits some of your most valued residents have in common like the longevity of their stay, how active they are, and how independent they are. This information can help sales staff find prospects that are most likely to share these top characteristics. 

Included in your community’s resident data are important factors like why residents chose senior living, and more specifically, why they chose to move into your community. These small details can influence your sales team’s tactics during tours. If you know that 30% of your current residents moved in because of your great amenities like the community pool or gym, these can be powerful selling points to make when sales staff are giving tours.

As we’ve mentioned before, resident profiles are vital when it comes to collecting and using community data. We’ve seen how these data can be used to offer community and corporate level overviews of your buildings, but now, you can leverage the information you collect to help connect prospects with existing residents, making your community stand out from the rest.

With Minerva’s sales search feature, you can easily search through thousands of data points across your community to match prospects with residents on a deeper level. So yes, your prospect and a current resident both like gardening, and often times, that’s the extent of then connections made. But what if you knew that your prospect liked gardening and that one of your residents has been gardening for over 30 years, used to run a gardening club, and teaches younger generations about what plants are most likely to thrive in their location? The connection goes from “both parties enjoy gardening” to using the data you’ve collected from your residents to instantly create topics of conversation and reasons for that prospect to come back to your community.

Narrowing marketing efforts as well as using Minerva’s AI to identify your ideal prospects can help sales teams bring in the best residents for your community. By using the sales search feature, connecting prospects to existing residents has never been easier, offering them opportunities to bond with other people before move in. 

Want to learn more about Minerva and how it can help your community pull in more prospects to secure more mov-ins? Learn more here.

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