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Minerva’s resident matching: data-backed resident connections

So far, we’ve touched on topics before and during new resident move-ins like modernizing resident profiles and using technology to capture personal data points. How can we apply these data points to have a positive impact on residents and staff? Meaningful impacts like making new residents feel at home the moment they move into your community. There are a lot of different ways to apply gathered information to your communities, but the best way to instantly connect newer residents to existing ones is by using our resident matching feature.

Watch a short video on Minerva’s resident matching feature:

During the initial on-boarding interview, our recommended questionnaire allows staff members to capture up to 60 data points per resident. With a more in-depth resident profile detailing experiences, hobbies, interests, and defining characteristics, Minerva’s artificial intelligence is able to extract key points in order to pair residents with commonalities. 

Minerva recommends resident matches through on a point-based system to show you residents who have the most in common and the best part is, our system takes into consideration all information entered, so the more you know each of your residents, the stronger our AIs recommendations will be.

Connecting the people in your community based on what activities they enjoy is great, but what if you could connect residents more specifically? For example, residents who went to the same universities, grew up in the same area, have similar interests, enjoy the same activities, and both served in the Army.

From each resident’s profile, you can see their top matches in the community and what they have in common. From there, you can visit each of the matches profile to see who they share interests and experiences with creating a network of like minded residents. Our resident matching feature is easy to use, and automatic once you’ve completed the initial interview so you can start pairing residents as soon as their profiles are live.

As an added bonus, Minerva can also recommend caregivers based on similar criteria: interests, hobbies, experiences, etc. The same process applies to staff matches: the more detailed caregivers are in their responses, the more our artificial intelligence can identify key points to match staff with residents.

Matching new residents with existing residents helps them to feel more at home right from day one, and connections with staff members helps bring a personalized touch to every interaction.

Want to learn more about Minerva and how it can help your community make better business decisions? Learn more here.

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