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Custom Dashboards and Actionable Insights: Personal Resident Experiences without the Guesswork

Keeping in mind data-entry and technology implementation best practices, let’s talk about how a working platform can provide us value. Like we mentioned before, just because technology can consolidate information in one easy place, doesn’t mean staff will access that data or use it effectively. It needs to be implemented into their workflow so that it doesn’t add time and frustration to their already-hectic jobs.

Cloud-based platforms and systems that communicate and share automatically are king. Anything that relies on specific hardware to be installed and implemented into a controlled environment will fall by the wayside. Knowing this, TSOLife created the first-of-its-kind Resident Insight Platform that gathers your residents’ data seamlessly, stores that data in one easy place, and produces actionable insights for staff to put resident knowledge into practice.

Watch a short video on Minerva’s custom dashboards and actionable insights:

Minerva: The cloud-based platform communities have been asking for

Minerva, named after the Roman goddess of strategy and wisdom, is a cloud-based platform providing you with the best of both worlds: Gather useful data that’s consolidated in one, easy-to-view dashboard and turn that data into actionable insights. These insights create the personal touch points you need for your residents, what they’ve been asking for

A dashboard that gives you a mile-high view of your community

When you can see exactly who is in your community at any given point, you can leverage this information in a plethora of ways. This could mean tailoring activities and services to truly personal experiences and accommodate all the needs of your community without having to spend money on things residents have no interest in. Operators can make decisions with impact.

How Minerva’s artificial intelligence and data-mining create better business decisions

When was the last time a platform or system told you the next step to take, without a human entering information into it first? Minerva leverages the latest, cutting-edge technology to organize and analyze resident data in a way that is meaningful.  It’s not magic, but the power of artificial intelligence and data-mining in action. When we say data-mining, a computer scans tons of data points to identify patterns to make predictions. This exceeds the basic information found on a paper-form profile. Minerva packages artificial intelligence so it is accessible and practical, allowing senior living to put AI into practice.

Answer questions you could never answer before

Why did my current residents choose my community? Who are my ideal customers and where do I find them? With the right questions asked upon move-in, your community can make operating and recruiting decisions more effectively than ever before.

Real-time notifications create personal touch points

Using Minerva’s Actionable Resident Insights, staff members receive notifications that they can act on. These can take the form of reminders on who to thank on Veteran’s Day, congratulating residents on a favorite sports team win, wishing them a happy birthday, and so on. Best part is, Minerva can integrate with your community’s existing systems and processes. 

Staff members use these notifications to personalize the conversations

Minerva empowers staff members to have personal conversations with residents whether it’s their first day on the job, or their fifth year on the job. This also enables staff to do what they truly love again, having meaningful conversations with the residents in their care, without adding a ton of time to their schedules. 

Want to learn more about Minerva’s custom dashboards and actionable resident insights? Learn more here.

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