Revamping the Resident Profile

Resident profiles can be a powerful tool to get to know your residents and provide better unique experiences and touchpoints for them, but the reality is, initial profiling upon move in is often inadequate. This is because resident profiles remain as handwritten forms that are susceptible to messy handwriting, outdated information, or worse, just not containing the info you need altogether. 

Resident profiles are the starting point for offering living experiences on the individualized level, but filling them out and using them seems like they’re treated as more of a joke than as a way to get to know residents. In this post, we’ll be taking a look at why resident profiles got started in the first place, how they’ve evolved, and how we can make them useful again. We’re also giving out a free downloadable checklist so you can start building the perfect resident profiles.

Looking for the perfect resident profile interview? 

Where did Resident Profiles Come From?

It’s important to have an idea as to why profiling got started in the first place so we can compare to where they’re at now. Some of the first resident profiles we created for the “Master Facility Inventory Survey” to keep track of information like medical needs and military service as well as to get a general sense of who lived in these communities. Government programs like the Old Age Assistance program needed to know this information to regulate funds going into and being spent in senior housing communities. Since the mid twentieth century, a lot has changed in the senior living space and while some resident profiles have tried to keep up, most of them mirror those early need-to-know forms with little information on who the residents actually are. So now that we know where resident profiles came from, so why are those initial forms no longer cutting it? What’s prompting us to change? 

Updating Resident Profiles

Consumer demands are ever-changing in senior living. Previously, the industry was primarily focused on providing health care. Now, the new wave of seniors entering assisted living are expecting their care to be accommodated for, and to keep them active and engaged. Technology is also looked at as a necessity for them, rather than a luxury. Keeping up with their needs to be independent and stimulated, staff will need to have the necessary information to provide these unique experiences.  Working against this need, one of the major issues plaguing the senior living industry is constant staff retention. Because of this, residents can feel like staff rarely have the time to get to know them personally. Existing profiles should be the tool new staff members use to get themselves up-to-speed on who a resident is, but with them currently being paper-based and inaccessible, they’re overlooked and frequently an after thought. TSOLife has partnered with dozens of communities across the country, and a big takeaway we’ve gathered is the need for an all-in-one, easy-to-use profiling and storage platform. Communities are missing out on key insights that can show them who’s living in their community on a deeper level, and by leveraging their current resident data, see who ideal customers and prospects are in the surrounding area. If you could obtain all of that data by asking a resident, “Why did you move into this community?” Why wouldn’t you? As you take a look into the revamped resident profile process we’ve discussed here, stay tuned for our next post, where we’ll be explaining how to get constant, reliable data. 

 We’ve developed Minerva to capture and store resident information, while also being easy-to-use and accessible for staff members community-wide. For insights into who your residents are, search their name, pull up their profile and get back to what really matters: providing better, more personalized experiences for your residents.

We’ve compared profiles from industry leaders across the board to discover the best way to capture resident information to build the ideal resident profile. Are you ready for streamlined move-ins? Revamped resident profiles that are intuitive and easy to use? Download our interview checklist to get started!

Published by Chelsie Rosatone

Marketing Director at TSOLife

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