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Minerva: The innovative Resident Insight Platform

For the past year and a half, TSOLife has been on a mission to change the senior living industry and provide real value to our partners: from preserving legacies of loved ones and creating beautiful life stories as keepsakes, to now housing the first Resident Insight Platform of its kind: Minerva.

The inspiration for the Minerva platform came from working with senior living communities and truly understanding the challenges they faced with obtaining and maintaining real-time data on who their residents truly are. Everyone uses resident profiles on some level. The difficulty with most is that they are typically paper-based, and stuck in a binder on the shelf collecting dust. The information is rarely referenced and largely inaccessible by the majority of the staff.

With Minerva, we revolutionize not only the ease of access and distribution of this information but also the way it’s collected. We then use that data to provide the whole community with valuable insights. This includes an array of beneficial results: From helping caregivers know what they personally have in common with residents to bond over, to helping inform marketing on who their ideal customer is, and to helping sales make personal connections on tours for prospects.

We aim to help communities turn realtime data into actionable data, and greatly improve the experience of senior living for all of those involved. Our goal is to supply data and help communities understand how to leverage said data to make a truly personalized touch-point for a resident, prospect or staff member.

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TSOLife Minerva is a resident insight platform that provides the most in-depth information on the residents in your communities. The process begins by replacing and digitizing your existing paper-based resident profiles to create a powerful dashboard with a suite of information. These insights lead to actionable resident insights empowering staff to put resident knowledge into practice. This new platform uses a unique information collection method through conversation, which means there’s no data entry required for you or your staff. For more information, please visit our website.

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