A TSOLife Recap of FSLA’s Annual Conference

The Florida Senior Living Association (FSLA) Conference wrapped up last Friday and we were lucky enough to be able to attend. As with some of the other conferences we’ve been to, there were elements that were unique, as well as a few things that were consistent from trade show to trade show. In this post we’ll recap some of our takeaways from the FSLA Conference including the Teepa Snow keynote and our CEO’s SilverTalk.

Teepa Snow’s Keynote

After being in the Senior Living Industry for about 2 years, we finally had the pleasure of sitting in on a Teepa Snow keynote speech; her insights, on both the large and small scale, lived up to everything we’ve heard about her. One of the points she made that really stuck with us was that in residents with dementia, their ability to determine whether or not someone is a threat is impaired and they make a judgement in the first 7 seconds of meeting. It emphasized to us the importance of equipping staff and care teams with the information and insight needed to make that first 6 seconds a positive experience. The small bits of information that we usually don’t think about, like where to stand due to tunnel vision, can have huge impacts on our dementia care.

TSOLife’s SilverTalk on Person-Centered Care

Our CEO, David Sawyer, was able to give a SilverTalk presentation last Friday on how person-centered care can help resolve some of the problems in the senior living space. David shared some of his thoughts on his presentation:

“I appreciated the opportunity to share my thoughts on personalization in senior living and to showcase how basing care on the individual level can help us with some of our toughest problems, problems like resident satisfaction and consistent engagement. It was also immensely gratifying to contribute to the thought leadership behind this movement to make the senior living industry something that everyone can get behind.”

In case you weren’t able to make it to the presentation, you can watch it here!

Something Different

The FSLA Conference organizers did an excellent job at adding in a few things that set it apart from other conferences we’ve been to. There was a Game of Thrones theme throughout the event and us, being huge fans, definitely enjoyed the people dressed as characters from the show and themed merchandise they had. There was also a silent auction that turned out to be a ton of fun. We were able to grab a Game of Thrones hat, a couple bottles of wine, and a journal. While these definitely aren’t things you’d find at every trade show, we commend the members of FSLA for introducing something different!

Overall the FSLA Conference was a success and we’re glad to have been a part of it. From Teepa Snow and SilverTalks to Game of Thrones and silent auctions, we couldn’t have asked for a better trade show. We hope to see you next year!

Published by Chelsie Rosatone

Marketing Director at TSOLife

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